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I am thankful!

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I am thankful for;

The Creator who cared for me and sent his Son.
His Son that came to intercede for me.
The mercy bestowed on me
My life itself
My health
My wife
My children
The beautiful and bountiful world in which I live
This great land that I live in
All those that went before preparing a way for me
Those men and women that fight and die for me
My abode to shelter me from the heat and cold
A soft place to lay my head
Not worrying where the next meal will come from
My friends
The availability of health services
The education given to me
Being able to express my opinion without fear
Being able to enjoy a sport interrelating with others
The possessions I am in charge of

---- Tex-Shooter
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Sweet things; we must've caught you in a good mood today, Tex.
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