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Hi I Have Been Using My Barnett Black Widow For A While Now With Target Practise Plastic Ammo. I Feel Now That I Am Now Ready To Use My Slingshot For Small Game Hunting But Have Witnessed Many Perfect Shots Placed By My Friends Onto Small Game And Yet Only Around 20% Of Those Shots Stun Or Kill The Animal. One Of These Friends Moved Away Recently And Continues Hunting At His New Location Mainly For Rabbits And Claims That By Using Airgun Pellets Instead Of Steel BBs He Is Killing All Of The Animals He Hits Now. I Did Not Think This Was Possible Can Anyone Give Me Any Advice For Example .177 Or .22 Or Does This Even Work Or Is My Friend Suffering From Verbal Diarrhoea Lol.P.s Im New To The Forum So If There Is A Problem With My Post Then Please Tell Me.Thanks.Mk
1.77 pellets fired from an air rifle will kill rabbits pheasants etc depending on the rifle as I have hunted with them since I was fourteen I am now fifty but their is no way you kill with every shot,Is he saying he shoots them from a slingshot if so he is talking crap they are way too small and light to be fired from any slingshot and have any impact.
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