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I really love this one

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As a lot of you know by now, I love ash.

So I made this next little "Pocket Buddy" out of the same chunk of ash log I made all my other small slingshots with. But this one is one of those frames you make and just want to keep for yourself. As much as I love trading slingshots, I don't think I will ever part with this one. Since most of you know how I rig the chinese tubes from my previous posts, I thought I'd show this one with 5/8" gum rubber bands. Hope you like it.

Took some shots -- very nice! Wish I had more time to spend with her, but busy with work now.
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Hey Dayhiker, I just had to whip one of these up for myself! Did it out of multiplex looks snazy so far but still adding some finishing touches I must say it is very confortable to hold in the hand!
Here we go, I made 2 but the dark stained one is drying. Here is the light stained one. Went with one coating of stain and 2 coats semi gloss poly, Sanding with 600 grit water sandpaper inbetween the 1st and 2nd coat of poly.

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Musical instrument Snake Wood Scaled reptile String instrument

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WOW!!! That's fantastic. You're a really good craftsman, Gib. How do you like shooting her?
Thanks! Im thinking this may be my new favorite shooter! The grip is so natural feeling for how I shoot, I was only able to get a handful of shots off with it today but wow it feels so good cant wait to give it extensive testing tomarrow
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