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Ok guys 1 st build
I could not find the turtle I was looking for so here we are !
A few days ago somebody gave me this three-quarter inch thick piece of aluminum
Via the name "free" the "dom" because it makes a really cool word after free
Idaho because when upside down it's idaho
" I live just northwest of the lanyard hole
Guitar accessory String instrument accessory Musical instrument Wood String instrument

This took me from 10:09 to 3:30 today
The hard part was removing all of the material I don't have very many tools all I have is a DeWalt drill Dewalt Skil saw and a Dewalt grinder some files very minimal sandpaper which I ran out of so I couldn't make it mirror finish but I'm gonna scratch it up anyway

Wood Rectangle Grey Gas Tints and shades

Started : took away all material I could ground out as much as I could with the grinder and then started finessing my way into something I had an idea what I wanted I have a few slingshots to kind of go off of started grabbing it and grinding and this is what I ended up with sorry it's not completely finished but it's the best I could do with what I have . I would've put a mirror polish on it but I'm just gonna scratch it anyways I got it damn close definitely some scratches still I'll play around with it but probably not much more
Already put 50 rounds downrange thank shoots nice home grips right it's a keeper it's a shooter
My cherry has been popped I am no longer a virgin I'm so sad
Purple Dress Wood Pink Window

Hand Sleeve Gesture Finger Automotive tire

Wood Ingredient Gesture Finger Flooring

Hand Wood Gesture Finger Thumb

Gesture Wood Finger Pliers Plant

Wood Art Thigh Electrical wiring Flooring

Wood Tool Tree Trunk Carmine


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Front and rear view she's a shooter put another 29 down range want different bands for it but it shooting point to Aim right there On Dgui speed shooting style
Band-Aid on hand yes I took 9.5 mm steely three-quarter draw yesterday make you get religious real quick talk to god oh god oh god oh god because it hurt

Food Wood Gas Bottle Winery

Wood Brick Brickwork Wall Gas

Wood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Automotive exterior Tree


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