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I used full butterfly 340-26-18 taper with kintex gold 0,64 (fitness) bands... which is cheap but quite fast (the silver one is even faster). I guess the balls fly approx 115-130m/s when fully drawn (156cm). draw weight is 3,3kg.
at first I wasn't impressed when I draw just about 90% (of max) or so, since it didn't penetrate.
then at 100% i was quite stunned. but fully drawn the life time is very short...

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But just look at that bullet like clean cut.

to be honest, the other holes weren't that clean, i was just amazed by this hole, so i had to show you.
The sheet steel is a bit thicker. Yet this configuration won't penetrate the small gas cylinders for the camping stove.

btw I like the rambone... 馃馃
it has good ergonomics and the hex screw of the clips is fully embedded in the plastic.
that lengthens the lifetime of the rubber. when it snaps back and the (even worse: philips) screw sticks out, it damages the bands. j枚rg and simpleshot did a intelligent design with the clips.
the bands last signifantly longer than on my wasp uniphoxxes!

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