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In memory of of my mother-in-law

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Not sure if anyone remembers that my mother-in-law had cancer. Well, sadly she passed away Aug 22nd, after a year and a half battle with aggressive small cell lung cancer. Her death left a hole in my heart that will never be filled. She was more like a mother to me than a mother-in law (even more than my own biological mother)...I could do no wrong in her eyes.

Anyways, we were visiting her grave a week after she had passed away and I was standing alone under a row of cedars (giving my wife and her family privacy) when I looked up to find a trimmed off 'Y" branch that was broke off at the trunk...barely hanging if it was placed there for me to find. I felt a spiritual connection immediately. As I said, my mother-in-law was more of a mother to me than my birth mom ever was. And she supported my passions without question. She was always looking for the perfect fork for me.
Now, I'm not religious, by any means, but I am very spiritual...and I feel that this is a meaningful experience.

I must add that my mother-in-law was also very stubborn, and had a twisted sense of humor, which brings me to the next part of the story...its kind of ironic.

Cedar must be very porous and must hold a lot of moisture. I've been microwaving this fork many times a day, over the course of the past week, and it just continues to put out steam.
I'm noticing the weight has dropped a lot, and the core is starting to dull, so I'm guessing it is working...but wow...I've dried three green maple forks over the same week.

I was cooking it on 1 minute cycles...but never had to do any other fork this many times, so I cut back to 30 seconds just because I don't want to burn it, but don't think its anywhere near being dry enough to burn. The microwave is full of steam when I open the door. It's as if it was waterlogged.
I'm starting to think it's never gonna fully

(It sure smells nice when it comes out of the microwave)

I really want to do this fork justice, and I just wanted to share this story with everyone. No other build was as important as this one, and I'm worried that I'm gonna burn mother-in-law would find that very

Thanks for reading and viewing


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My Condolences MikmaqWarrior,

It doesn't get much harder than losing someone you love. A small consolation is that we all have to pass thru that door.

Some lovely images that make me ponder Heaven.




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