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Hello everybody,

Political correctness has struck once again at YouTube, with the demonetization of this totally harmless video I posted a while ago:

I suppose in a sense, I am not really surprised with such developments since Google took over YouTube: California and Silicon Valley are not exactly known for their support of shooting sports, right? :mad:

Even slingshots? Give me a break, YouTube.

Oh, and I'm hardly earning a fortune with my slingshot videos, which I make for informative purposes to be shared with other slingshot enthusiasts out there - and to promote our sport, or whatever best describes something I really enjoy doing.

Any thoughts, anyone? I would say that YouTube will be circling the plughole quite soon if they continue with their politically-inspired nonsense.Not good at all.

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I carry a flip, a pocket knife(ves), a pocket square, and wear a belt & hat everywhere I go.

That trick is to "fly casual" which one cannot do online.

In my opinion it is the pornographic(trivial information) age that creates more emotionally unbalanced reactionary hype than critical thinking. As Spock says...illogical.

Good awareness, good manners, and empathy can defeat this malarkey over much time.

Every time I have encountered a person in real time that is afraid...I do politely over time convince them to study and practice with me. It has a 100% success rate...but is very slow.

What is the old saying...planting trees for shade that you will never enjoy.

We are looking at online culture which is kind of like looking at the storm...Look at your home and community and see if there is some ground to till up...You will feel better to look at the Prize, bonks to the storm. It will pass.

Sorry about the poo raining down on an excellent informative video, bud.
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