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In late December when I starting shooting my wrist rocket again, I was pleasantly surprised at my accuracy.

I was really curious about flat bands and making my own frames, so I ordered TBG and drew up and cut out and shaped a couple, made my own pouches, and with the help of y'alls experience and the youtubers, I determined my draw length, cut 1/2x3\4x7 bands for 5\16 and 1\4 inch steel, and started trying for consistency. Not bulls. ..aiming for bulls, but paying closer attention to my group's than adjusting after every shot.
..its how I taught myself archery, so I'm just applying it to this.

Anyway.. What's interesting to me is now that my consistency is better, I can pretty much hit a quarter size dot at 33 in two or three shots.

This is my target.
The four corner dots are Quarter size. The bull is a dime.

Typically, a grab a handful of 1/4 and, clockwise from top left I shoot at each corner dot till I touch it, then move on, clockwise to each corner, then shoot for the dime size bull.
Then I just plink around at the pie slices and try to figure out why practice makes me suck. Ha!

Clearly, I get worse with every shot.

It's gotta be mental.


Ps. I'm in Cali. It's 68 degrees out t'day. Lol I have nothing to blame but the operator.

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