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That's funny. They thumb-nailed your visual punchline. Can't you select a new thumbnail.

I thoroughly agree with your comments with regards to our not knowing whether a slingshot is world class of not, although I beg to differ on the methodology.

With the greatest of respect, such a comparison is irrelevant to me because I will never out shoot you. You have decades of experience and some of those years were at the very top of your sport in America. I will never reach that level as I have poor hand-eye coordination. You would probably out shoot me if you gave me a Shooting Star and you used a slingshot from a McDonald's Happy Meal.

Also, I don't feel a 1 inch group off a bench rest is a good indicator of frame accuracy. I do bench test some of my bandsets and ammo types. It produces a good indication of how consistent the moving parts are. However, it tells me nothing about the frame. All it tells me is how good the bench rig is. You could probably shoot the same groups with a Walmart dollar bin slingshot as a top-shelf Wrist Rocket Pro; better maybe if there was some flex in the Wrist Rocket with that bandset and shot. Yet in the real world, with a typical human shooter, your creation would no doubt shoot the pants of the the other.

As a rank novice by comparison, I have neither laurels to substantiate my worth nor cushion my seat and little experience to draw on or to colour my perception of a new design or method. I cannot presume to make a world class slingshot, but instead I am forced to experiment and think of ways to ways to compensate for my lack of tournament winning skills, desperately engineering my way out of mediocrity. Fortunately, like me the vast majority of slingshot users are yet to achieve the skill levels of a tournament champion and perhaps a lesser but more forgiving slingshot would suit us better.

I think if all makers shared with the public how we came about our designs, how we selected the materials, how we decided to configure the ergonomics and the positioning and spacing of the fork, etc. there would be less mystique and presumption and buyers of new makers would instead understand for themselves a slingshot's advantages over competing designs and products.

Oh well, if the proof is in the pudding, at least I like to bake!

Keep posting those videos.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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