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I am back from trip and it was rough. No wood without ice on it any where to be had.

But as I am putting nasty gear away or cleaning it Tiea says a package came for you. And man! I suddenky was not bone tired... just deep bidy ache tired... I quickly made a tube set from some pouches C5 send in a Japanese puzzle box and then just admired the Stonewashed Gapper Shane sent me.

Lawdy Lawdy, it is fine. I love tabs and it came with brass thumbs bokts and they look spectacular... But the wave attachment is so fast. I shot a little early this morning and now everyone is napping or I might shoot more.

We're have an icy day and half of my old timers I drive and shop for just wanted to hole up... and even the stores are closing.

So I guess I make some more band sets... or slip N slide into a shooting spot.

Thanks, Island Made.

It is much appreciated.


PS- I must have forgotten to take pics before I wrapped the cordage.


1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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