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Three weeks ago as I was up early and headed toward the airport for another “Road Warrior” work week with my day job, I was thinking how amazing the SWOPFS would be if it could be done from brass, aluminum, or even stainless steel. My second thought was all about Shane MacArthur of Island Made Catapults. It is no doubt that Shane is the man when it comes to all things metal and awesomeness! No fancy CNC controlled shaping, just pure artistry with manual metal working tools.

I reached out to Shane and he instantly replied with a yes and actually dropped everything he was doing to take on this challenge. If you were waiting on something from him and wondered what was taking so long, it was me that interrupted the standard work flow!

Original thought was an all brass version which would have been amazing, but started thinking a stainless steel core with brass palm swells would be over the top! Shane was more than happy to do this for me and I’m blown away by the results.

Shane already shared some pictures from the build before sending it to me. This weekend, I came home from the week’s work travel to find his package with the full metal SWOPFS inside. I’ll even say that Shane put everything he had into this build and even gave me the shirt off his back (literally)! The SWOPFS frame was wrapped ever so tightly in a well worn T-shirt shop rag. A fitting added touch for anyone who has spent time in a metal working shop and enjoys the essence of cutting fluid and hard work.

When I opened the package, I was a loss for words. The frame is absolutely gorgeous and sweeter than I could have imagined. The weight and feel is amazing, the shine and beauty of the metal work is flawless. Thank you Shane for your hard work and building this for me. It is amazing!

First thing Saturday morning, I banded it up with my favorite BSB 0.5mm and a custom William Wallace pouch. Headed to my backyard and made the first shots. It has been 3 weeks since I have shot anything, so after a couple spinner shots, I started on the paper check for accuracy. I will say that this frame is more accurate than me! I could tell I was off just a bit, but the frame kept brining me back on target. Punched a few holes in the 100mm circle and the few flyers were due to my rusty fingers and elbow from lack of practice. Quickly proceeded to a can cut and with surgical precision took the can apart in less than 10 shots with 3/8” ammo at 10m.

Thank you again Shane, you are a gentleman, master craftsman, and an amazing attribute to the Slingshot Community.







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