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I ordered a Chinese slingshot on March 15 (before lockdowns started in my area)... I never expected to see it.... however, out of nowhere, I get a text that they are making a delivery.. finally! A whole month late....


Shoulder bag Font Tool String instrument accessory Paint

It came with the bands and pouch, so I attached that. The pouch is unbelievably small. I thought I had tiny pouches with my previous bands but this one is microscopic! It can only fire small hexnuts and small steel balls. Fortunately, my preferred method of shooting (grab the ammo, not the pouch), works well here.

This is some newer Chinese rubber and makes the steel ammo ZIP like lightening.

The forks move in the direction you aim (up-down only). So it's better if you hold it sideways.

More pics:

Hand Gesture Finger Tool Thumb

Hand Hand tool Gesture Tool Finger

Gesture Finger Tool Wood Thumb

I have never handled a slingshot like this. It fits in my hand very well. The forks move. It has a clamp system for the bands/tubes. And it comes with that weird fiberoptic aiming system with the purple-blue torch attachment. I have no idea what to do with that but it's there if I want it.

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And this spirit level is a nice touch.

Grass Audio equipment Electronic component Cable Circuit component

I chose this plastic/metal one because I have heard enough stories about "Chinesium" slingshots failing on you in the worst way possible.... when your teeth come out second best.

Now that I have a feel for what a commercial slingshot feels like and shoots like, I can make my own homemade ones better.


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Score! Try a pinch grip on this model.
Yes, it's very comfortable that way.

Never used a pinch grip slingshot before.... unless the G-12 by "Gopher" counts. But I made that myself and it's quite an unorthodox design.

This new slingshot however is the first 'proper' slingshot I have that uses a pinch grip. I like it. Very comfortable, no need for a wrist-brace like most of my other stuff.

Sounds like a good day. When you get the hang of it let me know how that swivel fork mechanism works. Have fun shooting and pull it back a couple times for me.
The swivel fork removes the sloppiness in your style to some extent. Is it a must-have feature? Nawww..... but not bad. I guess if you give it to a newbie, it'll make things too easy for them and they might hit their hand or something if they switch to a regular slingshot.

The mechanism.. the pins it swivels up and down on, seem strong. It's not going to fly off into my face. Then again, I haven't used my strong tubes yet.....

This slingshot is for sniping and target shooting. And for occasional lizards/postmen. It's not going to fire one of my plaster of paris balls or darts or huge hexnuts that I favor (I got other stuff more suited for that). Not with THAT pouch. And even if I put on strong tubes and a huge pouch, I don't want to risk damaging this thing with a fork hit or putting extra load on the swivel head.

First time I felt a modern .. non wrist-rocket... slingshot in my hand that I didn't make. Now I finally know what you guys talk about around here. Half the time I couldn't quite get what people were saying. :imslow:

Sling away!!

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Thanks.. indeed I will. :naughty:

This thing got to me through TWO lockdowns. One in China and the other in Pakistan. I never expected to see it. :woot:

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Congratulations! Enjoy the journey

I don't usually buy slingshots... I make my own. This purchase was made in anger and frustration. :stupidcomp:

I was making Bill Hays' "Patriot" out of wood. I cut it out just fine with a scroll saw. I was shaping it further.. smoothing the corners.. using a rasp and a number of files... it was looking real purtty.... and it snapped in two.

It wasn't the fault of the design or the designer.... I had it in the vise wrong.. and I thought the wood was stronger than it actually was.

Anyway, I was mad and I went online and bought this. Now I am happy. Shopping and eating chocolate are the best when you need to drag yourself out of depression.

I will get back to the Patriot again, no doubt. Let the lockdown end so I can get more of this awful wood....
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