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Hey guys and guyettes

Here it is August and I only have 30 more days to get myself ready for the big shoot out with the guards at the local prison. I'm surprised that you guys haven't got curious about the affair. Especially you GP since you sorta got me into this situation.

Here is the hot skinny on the deal.

#1. We each throw 10 bucks in the pot. Winner takes all.

#2. We shoot a standard target from 10 meters.

#3 We all have to shoot our EDC weapon. No fancydan target stuff.

#4. We each step to the line like a gentleman using one hand and fire 6 shots.

#5. There is myself and Hugo (a lad that I am teaching) on one team and three young men who work at the prison on the other.

I don't plan on rolling over for these knotheads, they are going to know that we came to shoot! Right now Hugo is shooting better than me. (maybe those who can't..teach). For the life of me, I can't get consistent, One day this week, I shot well enough to maybe win. The rest of the last month I have shot like I had a broken wrist. I think making a bunch of naturals and tinkering with styles has messed me up. For the next 30 days, I plan to use one slingshot only and learn to shoot it as well as I can.

I'll try to keep you guys posted on the progress, and hope I'm not boring ya'll to death.

Mojave Mo
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You riddled yourself an answer! Stick with one sling until you can hit your target the way you want. I have a little voice in my head that says 'you got it', a millisecond before I release. Strive for that voice.
I also leave a sling on my back porch for anytime I am walking by. Same at work, same in my car, same in my backpack.
However! If I move those slings around I shoot them a little loose until I settle down. This is true primarily with the back porch setup because it is my only continually fixed target so judging myself is easier over repetitive shots. Out in the world I am shooting at anything without a person standing behind it so if I hit my target by the 3rd shot I am pleased. I figure 100 rounds a day and you will be threading a needle by contest day! MM

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