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**** it...

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i recently brough a 6 strand trophy slingshot off hawk, very nice catty with alot of power and a great price also. i found my 8mm steel were just wasting the energy the 6 1845 tubes provided so i started using heavier ammo untill i ended up with a 7/8' marble, a massive round no doubt. problem is i wasnt fully used to the grip and hadnt got comfortable with it which ended up in my getting a fork hit and it bounced off my hand aswell (my fault not the slingshots) i noticed a little bit of cracking but it seemed mainly the varnish, i then got another 2 fork hits in roughly the same place despite holding differently. on the third i noticed a massive f**king crack that ran right up the fork (again this is with the 7/8' marble) after a little wobble one side of the fork came off. rather annoying. so that means im down to a zinc alloy clone for now with the 6 strand trophy out of action. however i do now have all the tools and materials (minus varnish/linseed/etc) to make myself a natural so i guess that is the next task, just annoying to have destroyed a catty within days of recieving it =\
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I have had only four minor fork hits in a thousand or so shots and they all came while using marbles. I shoot with the forks up, so it is how the big marbles release, at least thats my observation. I never use them any more.
I have the same problem with marbles so I only shoot them out of a few frames. I have two that I've never gotten a fork hit with "seems strange"
One of the frames I shoot marbles with is a wire frame
When pouch is pulled to shooting position it is always at a quarter turn so the pouch is on its side not straight up and down. It could act like riflings in a barrel I dont know. I dont get what is called fliers and I attribute this because of the positive spin on the ammo.
Hmmm... Darrell, when I read this I was a little incredulous so I ran downstairs and took a few shots with clay balls and voila! I had thought that the fact that you were putting a twist in the bands would throw the shot off, but no. It didn't. I shot maybe 10 rounds that way and 10 rounds my regular way at about 18 yards. Your way was better. It's too dark now to see, so I will be experimenting some more later. Interesting. Thanks for posting that.

When Darrell started talking bout rifeling the barrel of his slingshot I tryed shooting this way and it worked for me so been doing it ever since.
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