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Hi all, here is a link push here to a site wich contains some interesting info on lead and steel balls
Translation may be intuitive but I write here some details
First line is diameter in millimetres for lead balls
second line italian numeration, grams for a single balls, numbers of balls in 10 grams
following lines Usa, Enland, Oisterreich, Belgium, France, Deutsh, Holland, numeration (may be usefull if You shop on ebay for some ammunition)

The second parts is about steel balls, Italian and Usa numeration, diameter in mm and numbers of balls x 1 grams (discard this becasue is useless, too little diameter).
I appears that in italy is not possible to buy lead balls bigger than 9,1 mm (infact that is what I use the most). I shop for them in bags of 5 kilos for about 25 euro (little mor than 30 buks) wich is not cheap but considering the hig number of shots is neither too bad.
here the full link
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