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I'xe been banned from USA Slingshotforum

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I tried to go on USA slingshot forum and found out I was banned, Why because of "insensitive remark concerning spam"

Ok yesterday I went on and as usually had to wade through a board that was plastered with spam (pretty much a everyday thing) I reported one of the posts said something like " cann't you do something about this crap I feel like cancelling my membership every time I see this kind of thing" and when I saw that the idiot who posted it was still on line I PM'd him and said " This is a slingshot forum, keep your moronic spam to yourself" now while I realize I could have been more PC about it, none of it was said on a open forum and none of it was abusive...WTF??? does that deserve a perminate ban?? When I moderated a weapons forum I would have said worse to a spammer and on open forum!!!

Sorry Rant over
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I never go on that forum anyway in my opinion that forum is nothing compared to this one.
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