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I may have a weakness for pinecones in resin... This is another beauty from Joey that I am thrilled to have. The resin side is gorgeous with its gradient tint, allowing the Micarta's texture to show through under light. I think the resin and the retro looking Micarta are perfectly paired and I just adore the feel of Micarta in hand. And that's not all, this LBS came with a coordinated PFS sibling...

It's no secret that I love how the LBS shoots and the addition of a PFS variant is a very natural extension of the universe. It holds comfortably like an LBS and is even smaller than the OPFS while maintaining OPFS fork dimensions. The result is an immediately familiar frame, settling cosily into my hand to be shot with instant ease. For someone who enjoys the LBS and also shoots PFS, this may be a must have. It is arguably the most compact pocketable PFS - heck, it's an excellent LBS variant! A big thank you again, Joey... I really appreciate this buddy! I love this pair!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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