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Love me some slingshots.
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Congratulations buddy.
you鈥檙e going to fall for that one.
They point and shoot like none other. Tried and true. Plus it鈥檚 probably the most recognizable frame in the world from one of the best shooters in the world. Not gonna say how many I have馃ぃ
Thanks and I already have haha! I know it's not the nicest but it was affordable and I just wanted to test it out before I do anything custom with him. I'll be grabbing a lbs pfs when I do that though lol

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everyones hands and holds are different, i find them quite comforatable and very accurate for a forked frame,and they do ride well in a pocket, pretty sure my grandaughter wouldnt have kept it these past 3 years if it wasnt a good shooter, but again different hands different holds :)
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