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I was hanging around the chicken runs yesterday, I was tucked between a wall and the oil tank with a clear shot out onto the open area outside the coups. The Jackdaws enter the chicken coup and eat the feed, I was 10 yards away from the coup door. I wanted to be as close as possible due to the hens running about.

I like Jackdaws, they always announce their arrival, calling as they come. This gives me the oppurtunity to half draw and focus on the landing zone ready for a shot. I heard a series of calls and three birds dropped in two went straight down onto the floor with the third perched on the pitched roof of the coup. After much stretching and tutting it became apparent that from my shooting position I couldn't get to any of the birds! The two on the floor were on a perfect line which meant they were protected by the post and rail fencing, the bird on the roof had the side of the oil tank to protect him. I decided to stay where I was and wait for any more birds to land.

It was a lovely day and where I was wedged it was perfect, enough shade to keep me cool and quite comfortable too. I would've nodded off if the gentle clucking of the chickens hadn't been disturbed by the screeching of a Jay. I tightened my grip on the pouch and took up the slack in my Hunter bands and scanned the treetops for movement. Whilst looking up I noticed something out of the corner of my eye and slowly moved my head towards the movement. Sitting on top of a post, about 12 yards away with his back to me was the Jay. I drew back and sent a .361 lead ball on it's way. i watched as the sunlight glinted of the back of the ball and tracked it's flight straight into the back of the Jays neck. He fell to the floor in the chicken run and didn't even twitch.
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