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OK, I talked to Jerry this morning and found out that he still carries a flip in his pocket. You don't hear much about Jerry as a shooter, but he was one of the finest of his time. He always promoted the sport and not himself and he loved to shoot against my wife Nell. I saw him shoot a ten shot group (Pre-tournament practice) from ten Meters with 7/16 steel that you could cover with a quarter. The last time that I shot with him was at the 2004 Summer Nationals. I posted this photo last week as part of a group, but it is the only one that I have of him shooting, so I cleaned it up a bit and re-posted it here! Just so you know, if it was not for several of these shooters and Chuck Saunders at the turn of the century, the slingshot sport would not be near what it is today. Notice his ground breaking slingshot that he had modified!

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