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Just Finished a New Slingshot, I call it "The Spine"

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Just finished making this waky slingshot today. it looks crazy ( thats because it is) but it has an awsome feel to it and fits great in my hand. i made it out of kinda cheap plywood ( about to get better stock of wood this weekend) but still works great. i attached saunders black mamba bands to it and they are like they are made for each other. also going to finish it this weekend. But any way, here are some pictures:


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very cool design... welcome to the forums...
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It looks great! You give a new definition to "Gangsta" grip... LOL Welcome to the forums!
That's a very cool design. I see Bill Hayes' influence, but this is definately unique and new. I like that you've taken the look a step or two further.
Cool design indeed. This remember me the movie "Jaws"! Welcome!
Nice slingshot i bet it's fun to shoot
Very cool looking slingshot.. Now go kill something with it...
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