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When I was a kid I was never far from a slingshot. I even shot the odd grouse (illegally unfortunately). I own firearms and hunt now. Last year during deer season I bought a cheap Daisy slingshot and took that along with me to shoot grouse. I brought a baggy of .40 round lead balls with me.

I ran into two grouse in a tree and shot the entire bag of lead balls at them, not hitting a thing. Discouraged I put it away until recently. I happened upon Catapult carnage videos on YouTube and got me hooked again. I have a Simple shot Axiom heading my way and I am playing around with my Daisy shooting 3/8 steel balls.

I don't really know what a difference the Axiom and flatbands will make, but it looks cool. My bands snapped on the Daisy slingshot so I canablized my theraband from Physio to make new bands for it. It really hurls those 3/8 balls, but not very accurate (could be me). Any tips or tricks you guys could offer? Here are some pics of my setup.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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