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The Chinese have a slingshot culture. My mind cant grip all the slingshot makes and models that come out China. I've made several orders to Dankung, GZK and other Chinese providers on ebay and been well satisfied with the products. It doesn't take much thought to see why they excel and dominate in slingshot shooting. Children start slinging at early ages. I've seen vids of slings being used in their military. There are so many slingshots in China it must rain slingshots there. The Chinese are very good shooters from the starting gate.

I'm not dissing our sporting providers here in the USA. We have a few world class slingshot designers and makers who make outstanding items available to those who look for them. But doing a check to see what is available to prospective shooters here in the US they don't have much of a selection to really spike their interest.

If you check Big 5, Walmart, Cabela's, Bass Pro, Sportsman Warehouse et. al. they carry Marksman, Daisy and a few others. If you take them all out of their encapsulated blister pack and lay them all on a table it would be hard pressed to tell them apart. The majority of them would be black wire frame, black plastic handle, black tube (which I find is much to strong for most beginners) and steel ammo. The marketers of these offerings think that high power is what they should provide. I feel that folks living in urban area cant really shoot outdoors and most shoot indoors. Some communities will allow shooting outdoors but the "missile, arrow or projectile must not leave property boundaries". So high power and steel ammo could be a bit much shooting indoors. New televisions and electronics don't respond very well in an environment like that.

I feel that the slingshot sport needs a lot more publicity. Some exhibition shooting. More slingshot imports of different designs showing up at gun shows, sporting goods and big box stores. I remember back in the 50's seeing Duncan Yoyos expert showing off skills in the playground of my school. I knew I couldn't live with out one had to have one! I know you can do that now. But more advertising and slingshot sports on some of the cable sporting channels would be a good start.

just my :twocents: , others will vary

edit: I guess I could have said all of that by just saying slingshot sports need more exposure and promoting.

Good analysis and conclusions. Here's another two cent opinion - Flying under the radar can have merit and raising awareness makes some of us nervous. Many have said that if slingshots had a place in the Olympics, and/or were featured in a movie similar to Red Dawn, the popularity would soar. The biggest obstacle to a popularity surge is that group of regulatory gas bags who have nerf testicles, and are totally consumed with micro aggressions, safe spaces, and all the leftist minutiae related to the hyper new religion in America - anti-racism. (And dodge ball is exclusive, lol). They believe the national anthem should be Kumbaya, and we should be even more regulated than Great Britain. Like everything these days, slinging could become even more politicized, much like the gun culture.



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