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I mean really. Over my almost 60 years of shooting and basically just plain loving slingshots, I have seen many good and very good shooters-even a few great ones.

The recent Slingshot Tournament in China had over 500 entrants in the competition. Incredible participation. To show how good the Chinese shooters are, on the final score card that I saw, the winner and the next 200 or so of his or her buddies were all Chinese.

You have to be impressed with that kind of accuracy. I know some entrants and friends from the U.S, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, and a few others-really top shelf shooters that must have been awestruck by the Chinese performance they witnessed.

I'm hearing that most of the Chinese shooters use very small ammo ( 3 to 7 mm ) and very light drawing bands. They must know something!. For any Chinese reading this, you did a fantastic job of setting this event up and organizing the whole thing.

You have many fantastic shooters and I think you all have made our sport a lot more popular around the world because of your enthusiasm and professionalism. Great Job! ( I can only hope that one day I can make one of your great events! ) Shei Shei ( Thank You ) Flatband
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