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Hey everyone! It's been too long!
Just wanted to say hi and send some slingshot love!

Rebecca and I tied the knot Saturday! We also have a son on the way, coming late April.
Big changes ahead!!!

I hope everyone is doing well
What have I missed since I've been away?! Lol

Miss you all dearly :)

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Congratulations Brandon ! Hope to hear more from you on the forum.
Thanks treefork, we'll see, I'm hoping to get back into it sooner than later. Can't imagine what i must have missed these past years/months!
Congrats and great news on the baby, Daddy !!!!
Thanks DSIL, much appreciated!
Welcome back!! Congrats and congrats!
Thanks and Thanks Treeman!!!! :)
Congrats on both getting hitched and the soon to be new arrival!! May you never sleep again!
Thank you kindly! I have heard the horror stories but hopefully I'm one of the lucky ones who gets a baby who sleeps.

Congrats! What gift is appropriate for a first slingaversary?
Well a slingshot of course lol Thank you very much StringSlap
Congratulations on the marriage and expectation of a child.
I recognize the SS in your hand. Was just looking at its twin the other day.
Hey Ray thanks! !!!! Hope all is well good sir! I was hoping you were still around! That is by far one of my most used most favorite frames all in all. I love it so much! Thank you for modding a great frame from roger and making it even better! You rock!

Congratulations! On your marriage and the baby boy! Remember the bond which strengthens and holds the family together.......slingshots of course!
Thanks Covert! I totally agree, it will be fun to have a slingshot family! Can't wait!
Wow! Congratulations! All the best to you guys!
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Thanks Sam!! Very nice of you to say, Take care buddy!
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