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Something Bushpotchef said on another thread reminded me of a story I had heard regarding slingshots and planting trees. I did a quick search and found an article in case anyone wants to check it out. Link below:

In short, an organization named Seed Balls Kenya is trying to reverse deforestation in Kenya be planting massive amounts of trees and shrubs. The preferred method is to deposit thousands of seeds in key areas and wait for rainfall to trigger the germination process. Unfortunately, about 95% of the seeds were being consumed by animals and insects. To combat this, the organization encases each seed in a charcoal ball. This protects the seed from foraging animals, and the rainfall causes the charcoal to fall away, allowing the seed to sprout and take root.

The method of dispersal has varied from hand sowing all the way to dropping out of helicopters. One of the cooler methods involves arming local children with the seedballs to use as slingshot ammo. The kids tend to use slingshots for hunting and sport while minding herds, and the charcoal ammo allows them to shoot at abandon and plant little trees wherever they aim. Just another cool use for slingshots!

link is to World Economic Forum.
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