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I pulled the b52 mod out and had it in the truck with me this morning as I drove through the village on my way to work. I had a student on a 4 wheeler stop me on my way and ask me what slingshot I had with me. I laughed and showed him and he said " I knew it! There are three birds on the road in front of you about a mile up. Remember Dr. Sturm Don't shoot from the road" I was his Hunter Ed teacher too so his stern warning made me chuckle but I am glad he paid attention. When I got to where he described there was only one bird on the road so I parked, got out and chased it off the road into the nearby trees. I was able to get to about 10 yards. I grabbed a random steel out of my pocket (in hindsight it must have been 1/2 or bigger) I pulled back, sighted down the band, steadied myself and let it go. The thwack was so hard I could feel it in the air. The bird fell straight down and when I went to pick it up I saw that I had caved in the entire skull. Both sides of the bird head were ugly, but one was completely concave. That size ball may have been a bit of overkill at that range. Long story long I have never hunted with this slingshot before and I am very pleased with it's performance! Cheers fellas.

Chili for lunch tomorrow!
The pic is a little gruesome. This is the non-ugly side of his head.
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Great story and nice shot 馃嵒
What type of band is that and is it tapered? That looks like a great slingshot 馃
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