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Man this g10 hts by mr. hays is one fine shooter
I got the med size 3/4" for my first one !!!!!!!
Had the polyurethane something one it was to thick this is nice . The nicest gallery shooter I have shot .
It's a lot more " sight pic friendly " 3mm is almost easy I'm sure if I wasn't trying to stretch my butterfly out more I could be a lot more accurate with a setpoint
Just to let people know ,the g10 hts is worth it !
Can't wait for the smaller one I'm getting .
Got his Secret agent also G 10 had trouble first day after I got tired had a couple fork hits put it up for two days took it out yesterday doing fine now still really leery just because it's so nice I hate fork hits butt learning like both sling , both at the top of my list
Eye Jaw Goggles Organism Eyewear

Nature Organism Wood Axe Font

Sleeve Textile Embellishment Natural material Terrestrial plant

And yes it was the hts that shot that window out
Wood Gas Glass Ceiling Metal

Lol at 60 I still feel guilty about shooting in the window and it's my own window that I'm destroying anyway
It tells me I'm still one of the good guys . Or the fear of my dad kicking my bit if I did something like that still is in my head lol


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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