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Laminate and spalted oak. Most accurate shooter I have made.

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Have some 6 ply laminate that was in the scrap pile, added some grip thickness and a sweet little shooter. Most of the slingshot I have made extend beyond my palm like a hammer or pistol grip. This laminate had a groove in the back so I made it much shorter than I normally would.

Wood Mesh Saw Terrestrial animal Font

This sits right in the middle of my palm. I was going to ask why folks were making frames that were so small and skinny. B u t now I think I understand.

Hand Musical instrument Finger Gesture Wood

The bands seem just about right for 3/8 steel.


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Nice one

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No your cooking. Good support, good strength, great job!

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That slingshot looks like a workhorse!

It looks like it would be comfortable to shoot with a thumb and forefinger brace grip as well as the hammer grip.

I first I thought your #64s were configured 2X2X1. That's a hard hitting combo for a long draw. But my second look has me thinking it's 2 links of braided #64s (same amount of rubber but half the length) and one at the pouch. That should work well with a little less draw length. Clever!
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Chuggin' right on along Bro! Most beginners start with hammers and a lot of them are quite large. As one goes along shooters get smaller and so do their catch boxes.
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