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You basically need the right amount of rubber draw weight, which will involve several layers of tapered flat bands, depending on the thickness of the rubber concerned. I made a heavy duty slingshot rifle some years ago to test 20 mm steel ball bearings on particle boards: distance shots were not possible for safety reasons, but I would assume that the energy output would be quite substantial at 20-30 yards, based on my tests.

For this purpose, I used non-brand exercise bands with a thickness of 0.3 mm to cut 4 separate sets of flat bands to be superposed, where every set was cut to a length of 32 cm, and tapered from 35 mm to 25 mm. Heavy duty leather was used for the pouch, which was calibrated for the ammo size used.

My video shows what kind of energy output is possible: the setup almost perforated 15 mm particle board at close range, which considering the surface area of 20 mm ammo speaks for itself. 10 mm MDF Board was perforated like Swiss cheese (no pun intended). I mentioned safety issues earlier: you want to be sure to have a solid backstop with such experimental shooting - no joke. :hmm:. I used a heavy bath towel as protection against potential ricochets, as you will see:

I would assume that two layers of good quality 0.8 mm thick flat band rubber (like GZK or "Precise" from China) cut and tapered in a way that best matches the draw length (minimum semi-butterfly style) should yield some good results with 16 to 20 mm steel ammo using a heavy duty steel frame slingshot - well, that is if you did a good workout at the fitness club, i.e. we're talking substantial draw weights, it's hard work.

As you're in Sweden, you could purchase larger steel ammo at "Kugel Winnie" in Germany:

Now, If you're wondering what it takes to launch even larger ammo, have a look at this video by Jörg Sprave: :naughty:

Wide open fields are a very good idea at this level....hmm.

Have fun & shoot safely.
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