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With all the high tech, high power, ultra modern shooting devices that have been shown here of late, I felt it was just right that I show the last of my rough and ready line...I know , I know... haven't we seen the last of that line a couple of times now?....well yes, but it seems that the trunk of my little hyundai just keeps spitting out forks I didn't know I had...but I'm sure (well until I go out and move some more junk) that this is my last contribution to the slingshot making world for a while....yes you can all breath a sigh of anyway as with the last few offerings this is rustic in the purest sence of the word, a little scraping, a little filing, drill two holes slap on some varnish add tubes and go...the most refined part of the whole deal is a pocketed pouch by with out further ado...I give you Leroy Brown.....

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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