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Great shooting! It's amazing what can be done with 8mm steel if you put it in the right place

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Thank you ! .. yes you are right! .. nowdays the bands we have access to are so fast that it's no longer only blunt force trauma that kills .. it's also penetration ! I really like 8mm steel .. it's the best all around ammo in my humble opinion

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Definitely! If a 4.5mm air rifle pellet will get the job done an 8mm ball going straight through definitely will! I've never hunted with a slingshot before, only with an air rifle. It's very interesting to see just how much penetration can be achieved with modern band materials. I shared a YouTube video not too long ago demonstrating this, it really shocked me. I'm eager to try hunting with a slingshot/catty, I just need to hone my accuracy a bit more

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