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Lead Ammo Mold

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I'm on the hunt for some lead ammo molds, specifically a 32 caliber (8mm) and an 8x11mm bean mold. I've looked all over the interwebs for them, and I've found the 8mm on ebay from Romania, but the bean mold is an elusive critter. If anyone makes them, I would love to buy American instead of overseas

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the 'romanian' ones to my knowledge are actually chinese from ali express. I've had the '0 round' and '1 round' which are sold as 8mm and 10mm but when i measured the ball were actually 9mm and 11mm respectively.

I have a double decker 8x11mm baby bean mold I got off a lad on one of the fb groups. it was fairly expensive. Had a couple kills with them theyre an interesting ammo but you have to pay a bit more attention loading them in the pouch etc than a sphere.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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