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Lead for casting!

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If you go to the nets biggest auction house (won’t advertize it here) and type in “casting lead” you can usually find some there for one dollar a pound shipped to your door. Casting your own is the cheapest way that I know for getting lead balls. Tex-Shooter
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Lee products are great. I have a Lee lead pot, two Lee molds, and a Lee bench press. All have worked perfectly for almost 20 years. Midway USA has the best prices and service I've found on the net.
Where can i buy a lee 6 cavity mold?
Lee does not make 6 cavity round ball molds. Lee Precision link. DoIt makes multiple cavity round ball molds (I have one), but a 2 cavity Lee will produce balls faster, because the ball comes out of the mold ready to shoot, but with the DoIt, you have to cut the sprue off each ball. The Lee also makes smoother and more spherical balls. Here's a link to a DoIt supplier. The only good reason I can see for choosing a DoIt over a Lee is that the DoIt mold casts two different size balls. DoIt balls are not suitable for muzzle loaders.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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