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Very nice video and shooting ....

I heard that A+ Slingshots will be offering "Butterfly Style" Bands on their website in a week or two. A little something new for all you aspiring slingshot artists who want more time to shoot and so look for products of high quality and great value.
Boy that guy at A+ sure is on the cutting edge of slingshot trends! How does he do it!?!
No seriously now, I must have watched 5 deferent videos on people shooting butterfly stile today, and I asked myself," I wonder how my new PS-1 would shoot in butterfly style?". Our German buddies are cranking out near 300fps and actually hitting stuff with light to moderate pull. Cool!

So, what kind of rubber are you going to use? Torsten seems to be using black Theraband. Check out the 300+ fps out of a pocket shooter:

It looks like I already have an order forming for bands and target steel soon!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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