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I think the general rule of thumb is that the maximum extension of a band is about 7 times its length. But realistically that will damage most material. I would figure about 5 times the original length of the band. So for 1 meter draw length, I would use 1 meter divided by 5, which is 20 cm. That seems to accord well with what folks on the board have said they use for their slingshots. Then you will have to add to that enough for the attachment at each end, depending on how you are attaching your bands to the pouch and to the crossbow. Band length always seems to require a trade-off between power and band life. I think for one meter draw, 20 cm (plus enough for attachment) is a good starting point, but you will have to experiment with the band material you have on hand. If you are shooting very heavy ammo, double the bands, rather than shortening them.

Be sure to post photos and report your experiences. I am very interested in your project.

Cheers ..... Charles
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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