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Hello people,

Greetings from the Netherlands (holland)

I am looking around on your forum for some time now, it gave me lots of inspiration to build my own slingshot.
The last time i shot one of these is 20 years ago, so it takes some practice.
Its ready complete with Teraband Gold.

The revieuw

Plus points
the grip: is perfect i think,
The looks: are OK but there are much nicer ones out there,
The shooting: is OK but not as hard and fast as i saw on youtube, but maybe thats begause i shoot with glas marbels (i orderd some ballbaerings 8.5mm and 6mm)

Min points,
If i shoot hard the band and the pouch will hit my fingers verry hard and yes they are blue (anyone have a solution)
Is it acurate: i have no clou begaus i am still learning
Size: its between pocket and bulky but it has a good grip

Let me know what you think, and any tip is welcome.

Leg Comfort Human body Knee Thigh
Footwear Leg Human body Knee Sock
Footwear Leg Human body Tree Fawn
Hand Gesture Thumb Finger Nail

So now i like to make another one from nice wood and this one has to be light and fast, but strong enough to kill crows and phesand.

can anybody tell me how long and how wide the teraband has to be and what caliber is the minimum to kill these birds


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Thanks guys,
my official profession is carpenter so i know how to work with wood and tools a litle

yes its illegal to have these, but kattepult as we call them are also used for casting fisching bait, than they will tolerate it most of the time, but this is still Holland where you can buy drugs in the store with no problem at all and the rights of animals and nature are more importand than man's (i like animals and nature also but the way it should be, respect it and eat from it
not the crows do they'r just a pest and eat my roof)

but back on topic
For my next slingshot, witch kind of wood is the best that will last in the sun and rain, and witch lengt and wide of band is the best setup, i prefer single bands but i am open for suggestions.
What are the do's and don'ts

Thanks Dutch
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