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Thanks for taking time to look at this one guys. And thanks for the nice comments!

It looks like Oak to me, but I've dug into some forks and have no idea what they are. Turning out a beauty like that, I can't see why you're still Grumpy !! :iono:
It could be oak. My wife was going on a road trip and asked me to get my junk out of her truck. I opened up the back cover and there was about a dozen natural forks back there. I don't remember when or where I collected them, but there were several large oak forks in the bunch. This was smallest of all the forks. I took the bark off and sanded it a little. The forks are about 3/8" in diameter and the handle about 3 /4" . This is much smaller than I usually hunt for - must have been the shape that attracted me to it.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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