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Lizard PFS from oak flooring

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I have some off-cuts of oak flooring I got at our ReStore. Since they are 2-1/2 inches wide, I thought I should get around to making a PFS. And I needed to make a Lizard!

Glove Wood Orange Plant Hardwood

I used all the wood I could. Full width of the thin section that is 2-1/2 inches, All of the depth for the handle profile.

Hand Plant Wood Finger Gesture

I cut it out with a handheld jigsaw and shaped it with a rasp and sandpaper. Sanded up to 400 grit and then wiped on a few coats of BLO.

Hand Eye Wood People in nature Gesture

She is comfortable in the hand and shoots as well as I can manage!

Elbow Rope Performing arts Event Knee


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Ray thats sweet man i think i need another lizard now ya got me going B)
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