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Look What I got.

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Well i have just came back from a carboot and what a bargain i got, there was a women sell all her ex husbands tools, a bit of revenge I think, I had only been used once, she wanted only £12 for it, then she said give me £8 and you can have it, she even put in the new blades, i will have to try it out next week when i come back from camping, should be fun learning how, jeff

my new router,
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No, but it cuts roundovers really well. Quite a steal. You should have asked about his sports convertible.
Here are two I made recently with 1/8" and 3/16" roundovers. The insides of the forks are not rounded.

On a 7mm sheet, the difference is dramatic. The 1/8" is softened, but the 3/16" is fully round. The smaller radius has a thicker feel to it, even though it isn't.

I only just started doing this with a router for these two. I used to do all my roundovers the slow way with emery cloth.
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Come back next weekend and your misses can negotiate with the seller's bloke over a Louis Vuitton handbag. Maybe you can offer the router in trade if he throws in the Prada.
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