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Look What I got.

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Well i have just came back from a carboot and what a bargain i got, there was a women sell all her ex husbands tools, a bit of revenge I think, I had only been used once, she wanted only £12 for it, then she said give me £8 and you can have it, she even put in the new blades, i will have to try it out next week when i come back from camping, should be fun learning how, jeff

my new router,
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No, but it cuts roundovers really well. Quite a steal. You should have asked about his sports convertible.
I bought 2 shirts and a nice set of screwdivers as well, wish i played golf his golf clubs were there aswell ha ha, i missed the 3 in one power tools, jeff
Here are two I made recently with 1/8" and 3/16" roundovers. The insides of the forks are not rounded.

On a 7mm sheet, the difference is dramatic. The 1/8" is softened, but the 3/16" is fully round. The smaller radius has a thicker feel to it, even though it isn't.

I only just started doing this with a router for these two. I used to do all my roundovers the slow way with emery cloth.
I love them, i dont know what i would do if i lost mine, they are a lot tuffer than they look, and will be great to fire in the winter, they wont get cold, and make you hands cold when its freezing outside, not like the metal ones, and the bands are still going strong, been out for a couple of hours shooting up the farm, ive had 37 crows with it up to now, jeff
37 crows? You are definitly a good hunter!
Any one could hit them they just sit there, they have done a lot of damage, and killed young chickens, jeff
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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