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.... in the Afghan vice-president's home. So called "leader of the resistance". 馃ぃ

$6.5 miilion. I'm sure they'll find more.

The people of Afghanistan eat dirt to survive while their leaders loot all their wealth. In fact, this was American money. They skimmed money from the funds that came from the American taxpayer to support their PoS country.

Their "president" ran off with at least $169 million. At least.

This was the Puppet-Govt that USA supported. Hostile to their own people and hostile to Afghanistan's neighbors and actually hostile to the US itself who they stole from.

Lets see if the taliban can locate this fellow.

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a terrorist organization
They are the new Afghan Govt, whether we like it or not.

Even the US is going to talk to them... they are no longer officially calling them "terrorist". And the Russian embassy is open, giving tacit approval to them.

So your own Russian Govt is refusing to call them "terrorist". But as you told me once, you hate your own govt.... so I guess I understand where you are coming from.

All that is happening, is that everything happened so fast, you haven't had time to take a deep breath.

You probably need a few weeks for the new reality to sink in.

This is more proof that the Taliban is a project of the Pakistani secret services.
There is still no proof. :D

They do not use our weapons and we did not give funding. If there was any evidence of that, the US wouldn't wait 2 seconds before publishing it. All there is, is "he said, she said". THAT is not "evidence" or "proof".... at least not in the English Language.

We are just good at taking advantage of a bad situation. Don't blame us if others do not or can not take advantage as fast as we can.

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our corrupt media will let everyone know that this is all make believe
There is a thing we often forget. When the Taliban were in control in the 90s, we didn't have youtube twitter, etc. We didn't have people walking around with cameras in their pockets, able to upload a video in seconds.

Now we do.

There is no place on earth where events can be hidden.... except maybe North Korea... don't know how they do that... the control that Korean fellow has over his people is impressive (I don't mean that in a good way).... imagine the terror you must feel to stop you from clicking on "upload". Anyway, it doesn't matter... nobody buys their propaganda outside their borders.

The attempts by any govt to use their mainstream media for building a narrative of any kind... that's getting harder and harder to do every day.

I haven't watched my own TV .... I think it's been over 15 years now. It's all horsefeathers.

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I get what you are saying. No system is perfect. But I would rather have the internet to decide on my own than have some Govt service tell me what's what.

Back in the 70s, the people in-charge here tried to suck up to the Russians big time. I was a wee lad but even I was astounded at the lies and propaganda that filled my TV screen every night... if you got close to the Soviets/Russians, the first thing you got was a torrent of BS (I do not know if that is still true).

And we only had one TV channel back then... no switching channels. :ROFLMAO:

So I learnt very fast how to look for lies and in which direction the truth might be. I know very well how easy it is to lie on Twitter for example. If "they" lie and make thousands of tweets supporting that lie, "we" will refute those lies, each and every one. It falls on who is the most convincing in the end. The info fight between the two sides will tell me who is angrier, who is putting in more effort and who got sloppy. Truth usually bubbles to the surface.

I never want the Govt in-charge of the news ever again. Thankfully, we seem to have given up on trying to control the news. Even tiny Arab nations have Al-Jazeera and such... we do not have any international news channel. And our English language skillz are far better than theirs.

In fact the impact point is roughly a big hole in the building. No airplane wings
I saw a plane crash into some buildings in Europe. Hey... there's the wings! And there be the engines!

Here's an Airbus that crashed into some homes in Karachi.... look at the wings/stabilizers... they don't vanish into the 5th Dimension. You can always find them somewhere.

Wood Motor vehicle Event Pollution T-shirt

What I am hoping for is that another member of the Forum jumps in with what THEY believe happened
Don't look at me mate. If I open my gob about 9-11....


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Watch this.

Mainstream news lied. And we TORE it apart on the internet.

Internet is superior to mainstream network news 99% of the time. Network news is just a fake news factory these days. Internet is full of lies too but it's easy catching fakes on the internet.

Here is another one, just days old... 馃ぃ

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