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looked good in birch ply even better in red and white👌🎯

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So still no name for the new design I done a couple weeks back🤔🎯 I done it in buffalo board I loved it I done a ttf to go with I loved it so yesterday I done myself one in white/red chopping boards what yous think 🤔🎯

OTT - is 90mm wide with 23mm tips is 155mm in length 🎯

TTF - is 100mm wide with 25mm fork tips and 155mm in length 🎯

I'm going to draw up a PFS version tonight also 60mm wide with 24mm fork tips and 12mm fork gap and I think I'm going to keep the 155mm length aswell 🎯🤔
Wouldn't mind people's thoughts on these and Any name suggestions would be appreciated people 🎯👊👌👍


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Awesome designs. Hope you will make templates and upload them here in the template section.

Also would be very interested in the glue type and brand info that you use with the cutting board builds?

Thank you for sharing
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