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Looking for advice about matching heavy bands, heavy ammo, and pocketable slingshots.

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I'm looking for a slingshot for an every day carry for opportunistic shots against zombies. I want to get some heavy steel, coated lead ammo and find the cheapest sources of tungsten I can use as ammunition.
I want to be able to use some heavy bands to work on my draw strength, I already consider my draw strength to be pretty good. I have been a depressed couch potato for years, but at least I have good muscle genetics for getting twitch muscles anyways. I don't want to feel like I'm going to damage or break my slingshot bands by pulling too hard.
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Since you are looking for something that is made to shoot zombie, check out Jörg Sprave

lethal: Badass slingshot ammo PLUS MK2 Zombiehammer
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