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Looking for advice about matching heavy bands, heavy ammo, and pocketable slingshots.

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I'm looking for a slingshot for an every day carry for opportunistic shots against zombies. I want to get some heavy steel, coated lead ammo and find the cheapest sources of tungsten I can use as ammunition.
I want to be able to use some heavy bands to work on my draw strength, I already consider my draw strength to be pretty good. I have been a depressed couch potato for years, but at least I have good muscle genetics for getting twitch muscles anyways. I don't want to feel like I'm going to damage or break my slingshot bands by pulling too hard.
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Welcome to the forum . Learn to shoot light before you go heavy .
Matching lite ammunition with lite draw bands is relatively easy and cheap enough for practicing. Heavier bands and Heavy ammunition seem more complex and expensive to properly match with each other.
Once I reached a certain point of muscle exertion I have trouble figuring out how much strength I'm using and if I'm destroying something like elastic bands.

I like to see if I can lift or slightly move very heavy things just to see if I can. I have had people insist I tell them what I do for exercise some have actually badgered me about it and gotten upset, because the truth wasn't a good enough answer (I do remote ups, I lift my TV remote to change the channel) I don't exercise... I have been physically fit from helping move very heavy wooden beams, but at that point I would tell the seemingly amazed person/people what I did for work.
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I have carried a sling like this with looped 1842 or 1745 tubes and a few 1/2oz oval lead weights when i thought zombies could pop up. With the right combo and draw length and ammo in the 150-214gr area you will put the lights out on Zombies. These tubes on this sling are Kent 303's I believe.(3/32 x 3x64 x 3/16), Kent #403 (1/8 x3/64 x 7/32) is also a Psycho killer. a great heavy duty tube for smashing power, yet a semi reasonable pull.

If you have 1842 tubes in a looped config, you got some poop in your pop also. I practiced this with a "Deep Draw" at chest high for a non aimed fast "POW" if needed.... very effective for close range work on wild stray dogs and the like, 8-10' max range.--- Hope this helps !


Thanks for advice I will get some looped 1842s I have flat heavy bands ordered, but I don't think they will be as convenient to carry as tubes and will likely be less durable. I currently have for some 3/8 steel balls, 1/2 marbles for ammunition. I ordered some 1/2 once cylindrical tungsten weights, some 20mm steel balls and hundreds if not thousands of acorns bounce off my metal roof each Fall.
If you haven't seen this, it may be just what you're looking for.
I watched that video a couple of times, I think it's a useful piece of a complex puzzle. I'm thinking about buying a frozen Turkey thawing it out, putting a tshirt, sweatshirt and winter jacket on it. Hahaha. When using only ballistics gelatin many possible factors are missing , bones, animal hides, fabric and blunt force trauma excreta...

I'm afraid that the conductor of the mindless will wield their powers to their maximum potential and even possible loose all control of their hoards of extremely dangerous unpredictable creatures that usually heedlessly attempt to conduct their masters every wish at almost any cost. I might have to flee to another nation for the possibility refuge, as the commander tries to clings to their emence power and the world descends into chaos.
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