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· Ray Rowden
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Hey, Pete!

Congratulations on the new slingshot. Hope you like your Antelope as much as I like mine!

I shoot singles a lot with a set up exactly like yours. I don't think the small loop is a problem.

Question: When you say shooting low, compared to what?

I would expect singles to shoot lower than full loops of the same tube if they are the same active length. The singles would only have half the energy storage and potential power.

The usual options for this situation include:

1 - lower your anchor point to raise the point of impact (I just can't bring myself to do this, but other shooters do)

2 - lower your aiming reference on the frame (easier for those of us holding sideways)

3 - shorten the tubes to get more snap (doable if they aren't stretching more than 5 times the relaxed length already).

Another idea that comes to me, is to try the tubes on the Antelope. The narrower fork width may make all the difference.
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