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As you can see from the first pic I dinged my lower thumb knuckle a couple of times - not wise when my job depends on my hands. The second pic shows a scuff on the shield in exactly the same place - that was more or less deliberate as I tried to analyse what I was doing wrong. Seems I was flailing around ineptly as I released the shot. Concentrating on a nice steady release now and accuracy is improving. If you have a look at the bands you'll see the difference in thickness between one edge and the other of the theraband gold bands. They taper from 8cm at the fork to 6.5cm at the pouch (which is a 4x1 inch strip of veg tanned kangaroo skin) and that's nice and comfortable for prolonged shooting. The stock is made from an ash sapling. If it's good enough for Odin's spear...

The last pic is my first catty in years and now has training bands - 7.5 to 6cm - from the thicker side of TB gold. That's more than I can shoot with but I'm following Joerg's wisdom on training. Note the dents on the fork from floundering around with it.

Steelfork has its bands tripled. Yellowhammer's bands are tripled at the pouch and doubled at the fork so the pouch is orientated properly. (That's English for oriented, y'all.)


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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