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LuckIn 3/8 Inch Clay Slingshot Ammo - Product Improved

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For those who like to shoot clay ammo, the newer batches of LuckIn 3/8" clay ammo are much improved. I do most of my slingshot shooting outdoors, and find that these fly as straight as steel balls.

I've bought these five times from the same seller. The previous four batches were a darker color and averaged 9mm (0.9 grams each). The new batch I received is lighter in color and averages 10mm (1.25 grams each). I much prefer the new batch with the 10mm balls.

They advertise these as being "3,000 pieces," but they are actually selling them by weight. More specifically, they are selling you a 3kg bag. Using round numbers, at 3kg per bag and 1.25g each, you are actually receiving 2,400 balls. I don't mind the discrepancy, because I know that I'm actually buying by weight, and I prefer the larger, heavier ball.

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