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Because everything tactical has to be an acronym! Lol

I made this quick last weekend. I wanted something light weight that I can carry around that doesn't look like a catch box and that I can set up almost anywhere.

Its made out of a fairly heavy duty garment bag, a couple of hangers, two cut up shirts, and a sweater. I have a set up for a spinner, for paper targets, and for cans. It has additional pockets for storage (ammo, targets, your frames, extra bands, etc.)

When you shoot, your ammo falls to the bottom of the bag for easy recovery by hand, I use a magnet on a retractable rod to retrieve my steel ammo. You have an occasional bounce out, but for the most part your ammo falls to the bottom of the bag.

It also catches all the shredded paper from your paper targets and when slicing cans, the half falls to the bottom of the bag.

You can fold it up in half for easy hand carry and transport.

Quick and easy set up and clean up.

Sling on!


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MacGuyver! That is just smart... but the anachronism needs 4 letters... Urban Mobile Catch Box... no one will take a 2nd glance at dry cleaning in a city or suburb. Hahaha... but not so sutble in the woods.
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