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Magnum Rigs

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When it absolutely, positively has to be completely & thoroughly destroyed - which frame do you reach for and what's it throwing? Here's my 'Horny Devil' natty with 3060 heavy tubes and a heavy duty pouch. I use anything from 1" marbles & 1" clays to 3/4" steel. The second pic is a 3/8" steel next to 3/4" steel for sake of comparison.

What's your pet monster look like?

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I have some wonderful 16 and 20 mm steel ammo that comes into action when needed, and this is what I use: 8 mm bent rod stainless steel slingshots with beech wood inserts, and a 7 cm inner fork gap for positive clearance.

High impact guaranteed.

Particle boards look like Swiss cheese by the time I'm done... :D.
That looks awesome, very purpose built looking :D

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